My Work

Being a musician myself, although I give enormous importance to the visual aspects of my work, my main concern is the sound. Intensity, clarity, projection and focus can never be left aside. Musicians of the importance of Michael Tree, Toby Appel and Pinchas Zukerman have been asked to cooperate in this infinite search.

Instruments are made in my one-person shop in So Paulo. I only use well-seasoned wood, most of it I selected myself in Italy several years ago. Recently Ive also started using Red Maple.

As far as models are concerned, I make my violas inspired by Andrea Guarneri in two sizes: 418 mm (16 1/2 inches) and 430 mm (17 inches). The violins inspired by Del Ges.

Text Box: Instrument Making Tutorials

You can download two tutorials I prepared for an Italian Violin Making Forum:

Scroll Carving Corner Shaping

Making techniques and methods are similar to those of 300 or 400 years ago. I make and cook my own oil varnish that is based on a recipe in the Biblioteca Marciana, Venice, dated about 1550.

My instruments are meant for professional players and students approaching professional level. They are being played in Europe, United States and South America, not only in orchestras but also by soloists.